Dec. 7th - 10th

Pleasanton, CA

Dec. 7th - 10th

Pleasanton, CA


Getting to the Golden State Open

Dec. 7th-10th 2023Pleasanton, CA

Which Airport to Fly Into?

  • Oakland Airport (OAK) Closest

    Oakland Airport is the closest airport to fly into for the event. It is normally a little harder to fly in and out of this airport but if you can find a good deal this is the preferred choice to fly into. During non peak hours you can call a 20 minute Uber from here to the gym! You can also take the train (BART) to Pleasanton on the Blue line and it will leave you a couple miles away from the gym but will then need to Uber.

  • San Jose Airport (SJC)

    San Jose Airport is the normally the easiest option for people coming from far away since there are a lot of flights in and out of this airport you can normally find good deals. You can expect a 40 minute drive from SJC to the gym. The best way is to call an Uber from here!

  • San Francisco (SFO) Furthest

    Unless you can find a really cheap deal we don't recommend people fly in and out of SFO. You will spend over an hour commuting from SFO to Pleasanton. the cheapest option is taking the train (BART) but you will have a bit of a trek to Pleasanton and an Uber from SFO will be over $100 from here. So unless the price difference is very big in flights we recommend flying into SJC.


Planning Your Trip

During the Event

  • Hotels Nearby

    There are a variety of hotels nearby the event but we will highlight our 3 favorite picks:1) Hilton Double TreeThe Hilton is connected to the gym and is by far our most recommended choice. It may be a little more expensive than the other 2 options but you are connected to the gym and have no need for a rental car!2) Larkspur LandingLarkspur landing will be your cheapest option when playing at the GSO. Larkspur landing is 0.8 miles away from the gym (15 min walk) the rooms aren't as nice here but if you are on a budget you can find good deals here!3) Best Western is also a short distance away from the gym but we recommend you stay at one of the previous 2 options
    (For our Marriott Property lovers there is a Marriott property close by as well)

  • Places to Eat

    Walking distance from the gym there is mainly fast food joints including Taco Bell, In & Out Burger & Chic Fil A. If you are looking for a great breakfast spot we recommend you try the Black Bear Diner!
    Though there aren't a ton of places walking distance from the gym within a short Uber you can have any type of cuisine that you want! Or if finding food is to much of a hassle be sure to purchase your meal ticket for the event and the GSO staff will provide food for the whole weekend for you!

  • Things to do

    If you want to fly in before the event or stay after the event there are tons of things to do around the area. You can visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco which is will be about an hour drive from the area. You also have Wineries in Napa/Sonoma within an hour and a half from the area. There are also a lot off great wineries without going to the Napa area. You can find them within 15 minutes of the gym!

  • Rental Car

    A rental car is not needed for this event, especially if you plan on staying at the Hilton DoubleTree. If you are looking to do things around the area you may want to grab a rental car as Pleasanton is not near the main attractions. But for most of our tournament players there is no need for a rental at the event! Plan to stay and watch some awesome racquetball action for the duration of the event!



  • What day should I arrive?

    We suggest you fly into the event on Wednesday December 6th. With the scale of this event we do plan to start all amateurs and Pros on Thursday. This will allow us to have lots of players and use only 1 gym for the whole event, so players and fans don't need to travel between different gyms!

  • Will there be free admission for watching the pros on the glass court?

    We will have a small area that is free for the public to come in and watch the pros play. If you are playing in the tournament you will have access to the tournament players bleachers at one section of the court. If you would like a VIP seat or VIP table follow below to the Sponsorship section and get in contact with Adam Manilla at moc.scitelhtaallinam%40mada

  • Will there be food at the event?

    The short answer YES. Food will be provided at the event but players must buy a meal ticket to take advantage of this offering. If you buy a meal ticket you will be provided 6 meals at the gym (Thursday - Dinner, Friday - Lunch/Dinner, Saturday - Lunch/Dinner - Sunday - Lunch). With every meal we will have vegetarian options as well. If you purchase a table you will be served at your table for every meal at the event! If you don't buy a meal ticket there is plenty of food around the area for you to get!

  • Is a tournament shirt provided?

    Tournament shirts are provided for the first 50 people who enter the tournament! If you aren't part of the first 50 people to signup you can purchase shirts at the tournament desk once you get to the tournament

  • Will my division be a round robin or single elimination?

    All divisions will be played in a single elimination format unless there is an insufficient amount of players and we need to turn it into a round robin.

  • Is alcohol served at the event?

    Yes we will have beer and wine all weekend at the event! Above the courts is a nice bar that will be serving all weekend long! If you have a VIP seat or table you will receive free beer and wine for the whole weekend!

  • Will all the top pros be coming to the event?

    Yes! We expect all the top pros to be in attendance for the event unless players have an injury of some sort! See the players tab to get a glimpse of some of the players we will see!


Would you like to be a sponsor of the event? Sponsors get to enjoy premium access to the show court all weekend long! Download the sponsor deck below and reach out to moc.scitelhtaallinam%40mada if you have any questions!